Events & Ceremonies

Charly performs solo or with ensembles at celebrations such as weddings and seasonal holiday ceremonies and at music events. see more events

Flute Lessons & Intensives

Over the years she's been teaching Charly has been privileged to play with and instruct a wonderful variety of adults and children. see more lessons

Recording Support

Charly provides recording support for CDs and films, and has released several singles with other artists. see more support

Charly Drobeck, flute genius, put the fun back into my flute practice. I went to her for a tune up and now I can't stop working on all the difficult things that she magically made totally fun and effortless, like tone work, breath support, memorization. Her enthusiasm for the instrument is completely contagious and her knowledge is vast. Because she has studied extensively with superb teachers she had an answer for all my crazy questions, like how to increase the speed of a difficult passage, how to make my sound enormous, how to make the high notes not squeak, how to interpret Bach....
-- Liebe, flute nerd

Ask me about one-week flute intensives like the one that Liebe attended!

Welcome to my studio!

When you join me for lessons it is my wish to see you, hear you, address your uniqueness and help you learn to be your own best teacher. In our hour together, I will convey to you the skills of observing yourself learning, hearing, and developing as a flutist.

What is required of you is curiosity, lots of practice, and openness. With those elements you can learn to read music and play with delight. You don't have to be intensely ambitious, you just have to want music and flute in your life. From there we go!

I enjoy teaching you to read music and rhythm.

One-hour lessons on a sliding scale from $45-65.